Clear Communication Skills To Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Increase your sales and develop loyal clients for life through the power of clear communications.  Clear Communication gets directly to the heart of emotional selling and relationship development. During this powerful sales presentation you will learn how to stop trying to sell and — start developing relationships of ‘pure gold’ where prospects instantly see your value.

Learn how to quickly qualify your client’s wants and needs to break the ice and get directly to the prize of client happiness. 

Discover how to close more sales with results-oriented solutions that work every time.  Uncover the tips and techniques to gaining the right information as you “listen-well-to-sell” and gain the right information to close the sale.

Learn how to: 

  • begin a conversation and direct it to the “sales talk” with pinpoint accuracy.
  • get your client to open up and be specific as to exactly what they want to buy.
  • peel back the layers of confusion that stops a prospect from buying.
  • influence your prospects perception that you are the go-to expert  as you position yourself ahead of your niche market.
  • grow sales, increase revenue and develop loyal clients for life


Glenn Michael Milliet, The Sales Communication Expert, is known for his fusion of street smarts and technical ability using real life stories and time tested, proven sales skills. With over 30 years of experience consulting, speaking, and real face-to-face sales and business experience, Glenn has defined and refined the craft of sales and communications to an art form with a radically different approach.